So you wanna be a blonde....FAST!

A lot of our dark haired clients (either natural or dyed), come in with the hopes of leaving the salon as a blonde in one appointment.  However, to do this transformation correctly while keeping the integrity of your hair (aka: not frying your hair, so that it starts to break off or fall out – scary!)  it is actually a process that may take a few trips to the salon and a little bit of patience. 

Your stylist can create the right plan for your specific hair, but mostdarker shades can achieve a beautiful blonde color in 3 to 5 visits each about a month apart.  The exact plan for your hair will depend on what you are starting with and what your goals are – how dark is it currently? How light do you want to go?  Obviously, a dark brunette wanting to be bleach blonde will take longer than a light brunette wanting to go golden blonde.   Your countdown to joining the blondes of the world also depends on what you have been doing to your hair up to this point.  Have you been consistently coloring your hair?  Have you been coloring your hair at the salon or using a box color at home (eek!)?  


The MOST important tip here is to be 100% honest with your stylist at your consultation.  You may have been telling your dentist that you have certainly been flossing daily, because you don’t want them to know the real truth.  But, by not telling your stylist if you’ve been using an at home box color will actually hurt your hair in the end.  We promise that we won’t judge.  We just want to know what is on your hair so that we can be sure to use the correct products to keep your hair beautiful and give you want you want.  


While this process for going dark to light might take a little longer than you had hoped, it can still be a fun transition!  Enjoy each look and a chance to experience different colors that you may not have tried otherwise.  And most importantly be kind to your hair during this process.  It’s going through a lot, so ask your stylist what kind of nurturing hair products you could use to keep things looking your best.  We love Kerastase Resistance product line☺