There are so many trending words out there for hair right now, and we want to make sure you know exactly what they are! Communicating effectively to your stylist is key to a successful appointment, so here are some of the hottest trends of hair color right now:


This french term literally means "to sweep" the surface of the hair. This technique is used to create more of a sun kissed, natural look. It's for everyone....blonde, brunettes, and redheads! It's a low maintenance dimensional look that will have your friends asking if you've been on a sunny vaca. Your stylist can customize your balayage for what look you're going for and also to compliment your haircut. It's couture hair just for you!


Glossing, Glazing, and Toning all fall into the same category. This is usually a demi-permanent color that is applied to damp hair in order to add tone, correct tone, or even just add shine. It's a great way to refresh faded colored ends too.  This usually is done at the shampoo bowl and sits on for anywhere between 5-15 min depending on what your stylist is trying to achieve.  I believe this is a necessary step to's like the cherry on top! Or I could even say the "glaze" on top. Sorry, now you're thinking about donuts.


Ombré comes from the French word meaning "to shade"'re basically fluent in French now, right? This look is one that gradually blends from one color to another.  Think dark to light.  Depending on if you want a softer look, or a more edgy one, ombré will give you that trending look that is still so hot.  The more contrast of colors, the more edgy of a look it's going to be.  The beauty of this too, is that it's great for all hair color and textures.  This look isn't going anywhere...let's embrace it!